Claudia in Washington Post: Project “I AM THIRTEEN”

 Project teaches teens life lessons at 13 The way Claudia Cauterucci sees it, if her son had grown up in Africa as his ancestors did, he would complete a series of rituals on his journey into manhood. “I really believe in ritual,” she said. “All over the world, or in history or in evolution, tribes villages, families . . . they’ve honored this transition. Transition from not being a child, but you’re not really an adult. And it should be honored.”...

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Claudia is quoted in The Washington Post

A Post columnist says goodbye to the paper, and half her life. The words for this column have been slow to come. But then that’s not surprising. I’ve always struggled with goodbyes. This is my final column for The Washington Post. I’m leaving the paper (the “paper,” #kindofsweet, no?) after 24 years. Half my life. More than half my growing up. My relationship with The Post outlasted my first marriage, and it’s older than my children. I’m tribal, and The...

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