dynamic meditation.

say yes.

love is a place & through this place of love move (with brightness of peace) all places yes is a world & in this world of yes live (skilfully curled) all worlds  

–e.e Cummings

easy facts about DM.

what is dynamic meditation?

Dynamic Meditation is more than meditation — it is a way of life. As an active, insightful form of meditation, it can be applied anytime, anywhere and in any situation. Dynamic Meditation is based on a process of self-inquiry and is an everyday tool that helps participants to manage impulsive emotional reactions and leads them toward a more joyful and abundant life. It supports the elimination of the baggage that incites rash emotional responses from within us, holding us back from achieving peace.

who is it for?

Dynamic Meditation is for everyone. It does not require prior experience in meditation or other self-growth techniques. It only requires determination and willingness to be free of impulsive emotional reactivity and negative repetitive thinking so you can have fulfilling experiences in your daily life, at work and in your relationships.

what is it used for?

It is not your ordinary meditation. It amplifies self-growth. It enhances traditional psychotherapy. It strengthens positive self-awareness.

Dynamic Meditation is a portable, proven and successful meditation method. It combines more than five types of meditation, clinical experience and neuroscientific research and can be used for anything, including:

Reducing overall stress and anxiety
Harnessing your motivation and focus to reach your goals
Fulfilling your career aspirations
Understanding your emotions and reactions
Enriching your relationships
Increasing your capacity to love
Reducing depressive thoughts, emotions and behaviors

Dynamic Meditation is similar to traditional meditation in that the primary intent of it is to quiet the mind. The method encourages the regular practice of observing yourself, non-judgmentally, creating an internal experience of peace. Participants become the expert on themselves as workshops lead them through intense internal work that creates greater self-awareness in a confidential atmosphere.

how can it help me?

Dynamic Meditation is a strong, proven coping tool that can be applied in all situations, every day. It is uniquely helpful to individuals who have never been to therapy, as it addresses and alleviates repetitive emotional patterns. Over time, repetitive non-judgmental self observation creates internal peace. Dynamic Meditation was created to be a life tool and is intended for use in participant’s daily lives.

how do I participate and what is the cost?

Participants first complete the Introductory Course. In that course, participants will learn the unique coping skill and be encouraged to begin self-observation. It is presented in a 6-week online format whereby the modules are released weekly via email. After the completion of the Introductory Course, participants can participate in all the advanced events and the DM groups.

COVID19 SPECIAL: The DM Introductory Course has been reduced from $350 to $150 during COVID19. Some insurance companies reimburse for Dynamic Meditation because it is considered a coping skill.

weekly groups.

guided dynamic meditation
As a response to COVID19, Claudia began a 30-minute Guided Meditation weekly group. 
Mondays, 7pm

dynamic meditation weekly group 

Brings participants together to share heartfelt stories and to search for and release profound feelings while applying the Dynamic Meditation coping skill. Transparency, deep exploration, and connection are the cornerstones of this process. These are NOT psychotherapy groups but confidentiality is strongly encouraged.  

Thursdays, 6:45-8pm

Fee:  $60 ($19 during COVID19)


dynamic meditation bootcamp sessions

Quarterly 3-hour group sessions held on a Saturday intended to recharge the practice of Dynamic Meditation and to keep the use of the coping skill fresh. The DM Bootcamps are recommended to support the continued cleanup of unprocessed thoughts and emotions. Commonly, a particular DM tool is relearned and applied to everyday issues during the session. These are NOT psychotherapy groups but confidentiality is strongly encouraged. 

March, June, September, December

Fee: $100 ($80 during COVID19)



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